Imported Windmills

There is a line of products available out there - Licensed Tractor Windmills in 8 foot, 4.5 foot and 17 inch sizes.  as well as Kerosene Lanterns and Large (27 inch high - 8 inch wide) Steel Thermometers and other farm implement company items.   These are imported products they are NOT made in the USA.  The windmills are not the same quality as the American made windmills were, however they are "pretty good".  I do not know how well these will last -  I can tell you that the 8 foot windmill is 4 pounds lighter than the US made windmills.  (the 8 foot US made windmill has a shipping weight of 38 lbs - the 8 foot John Deere windmill has a shipping weight of 34 lbs.)  The weight difference is because the tower parts are made of a lighter gauge steel than the US made ones.

While these windmills are not as well made as the US made ones, they are pretty good.  They are painted steel. They do have ball bearings on the wheel and a grease zerk.  The top seems to be well balanced and the wheel turns easily in very low winds.  The wheel turns smoothly. The blades seem to be welded well.

 While these imported windmills are not as well made as the US made ones, they are far better than most of the cheap Chinese garden windmills that you see in the "big box and farm supply stores and all over the internet".    I do not carry any of these products but you might be able to find other dealers that have them available.