Mini Grease Gun - White Lithium Grease

$ 29.95

I looked all over for a kit that has a mini grease gun and the best grease for both the aluminum and the galvanized steel garden windmills - the mini grease gun is very common packaged with a tube of multipurpose lithium based grease which work OK however this grease is dark colored and tends to get on the blades.  You can get packages of White (clear) lithium grease - normally 4 tubes which will fit the mini grease gun. I was able to locate a supplier of the mini grease guns and a supplier that has the 3 OZ white (clear) lithium grease and have now available a package that contains a 90 degree mini grease gun and a single 3 OZ white lithium grease tube.  The clear plastic package I was able to get is not an exact fit - however the mini gun and cartridge are exactly correct for the windmills. Shipping is included in the lower 48 United States - there will be an added shipping charge for HI - AK - US Territories and all international addresses.